Sea Food Producers

Sea Food Producers

Lowe Rental support seafood producers with an extensive range of blast freezers and modular cold rooms

Seafood Commercial Refrigeration Experts

Lowe Rental efficiently source modular chiller & freezer cold rooms to help provide increased storage capacity for seafood producers.


Blast Freezing

Blast freezing is one of the most versatile methods of food preservation. For seafood, blast freezing is essential for preserving seafood and keeping it extremely fresh. The improved taste, texture and overall quality make the blast freezer an essential piece of equipment for the seafood market.

Benefits of Blast Freezing Seafood

Fast and efficient

Fast and efficient

For businesses that rely on fast production turnaround times, blast freezers are the perfect solution. By moving more produce through the blast freezer, you can increase your operational speed and process the next batch of seafood quicker.

High-quality product

High-quality product

Blast freezing seafood immediately enables produce to thaw fresh. Nutrient deterioration is also reduced due to the speed of freezing.



Blast freezing minimises bacteria growth – keeping your customers safe from health hazards.

Commercial Refrigeration Solutions for Seafood Producers

Working with 100+ manufacturers, Lowe Rental source the following equipment for Short term rental and Rental+ plans:


What’s included in a Rental+ Plan?

Flexible 1 - 7 year equipment plans with lots of extras.

No Capex

New equipment with each plan. All sourced, delivered & installed as part of your plan.

Expertly Sourced Equipment, Matched to Your Operation

Refrigeration, cold rooms & catering equipment – we have you covered.

No Maintenance Bills for Equipment Failures - Ever

No maintenance bills for equipment failures - ever. We don't do hidden charges.

Flexible Plan Durations & Payment Structures

1 - 7 year plans with payment frequencies that work for you.

Contracted SLAs

We will be accountable for minimising your downtime. Your plan will include SLAs to ensure we keep you running.

Access To Refrigeration Design Consultants

Complex equipment requirements? No problem. With Rental + you can get access to leading refrigeration design & installation consultants.

Unique SMART Enabled Equipment

Patented IoT technology that provides insights around food safety, asset performance, energy consumption & much more.

Rental Provides Added Benefits when Reporting EBITDA Levels

Our teams can support with information around the application of IFRS16.

 Versatile Cold Storage
Versatile Cold Storage

Modular Cold Rooms

A versatile cold storage option available as a fridge or freezer.

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Key Features

  • Rapid assembly
  • Running temperature: -25… +2 ˚C
  • Dual temperature setting (chiller or freezer)
  • Modular system available in variable sizes
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