4 Reasons to Rent Equipment for Events

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19 February 2019
4 Reasons to Rent Equipment for Events

The experts at Lowe have been in the rental game since 1977 so they know a thing or two about the benefits of renting as opposed to purchasing equipment outright.

We consulted Lowe’s experts about why rental is a more viable option for equipment at events:


  1. Asset Management

Events are normally short-lived affairs with long-lasting memories. Even the longest summer camping festivals don’t tend to go beyond a week. Purchasing equipment is an investment that lasts well beyond an event’s duration. In order to make the investment worthwhile equipment needs to be used multiple times. And as catering space varies greatly from one event to another, this can be an inconvenience for buyers.

Equipment rental removes the (often cumbersome) responsibility and pressure of asset management, meaning event caterers and events organisers alike have one less thing to worry about in the lead up to the event.

Lowe’s team of experts work as a partner by providing an equipment fleet that is fully managed and tailored to your event requirements.


  1. No Maintenance Costs

Equipment needs attention to ensure that it remains in tip top condition through repeated use and wear and tear. Hiring a professional to carry out routine maintenance is just another cost on top of the large upfront cost of outright purchase. Not to mention the logistical costs and manpower required to transport equipment from one event to the next.


  1. Achieve Growth

Investing in equipment through outright purchase can be a burden on businesses aspiring for growth.

As catering businesses and event management companies are offered bigger contracts, the equipment previously invested in may not be up to the challenge and may ultimately hold businesses back from responding.

Renting equipment as and when it’s needed gives businesses greater freedom to grow.


  1. Fully Managed Logistics

Organising equipment is one thing, transporting equipment to and from event venues is another considerable challenge in and of itself.

The experts at Lowe understand how valuable time is in high pressure events environments and renting with Lowe frees up precious time. Lowe’s team of logistical experts provide fully managed logistics to the event venue, equipment installation and prompt removal once the event is over.


Do you have an upcoming event requiring refrigeration and catering equipment? Contact the experts today for an equipment rental quote.