Meet The Team: Sales Executive, Middle East- Angel Lee

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9 December 2021
Meet The Team: Sales Executive, Middle East- Angel Lee

Meet Our Middle East Sales Executive- Angel Lee

Here at Lowe we have specialised events teams operating across the globe, including in the United Arab Emirates. Based in the glamorous and dynamic city of Dubai, Sales Executive Angel Lee, has offered us a quick insight into her experiences at Lowe.

Describe your experience to date at Lowe in one word?


What is the best part about your job?

I think for me, one of the best parts of Lowe is the variety of projects and people. I feel lucky to work in a company that realises their employees are their greatest asset and provides a forward-thinking, supportive environment that really motivates us to perform at our best. 

The opportunity and versatility of being able to work on a variety of projects and events makes every day interesting. Continual expansion has also meant being able to work on multiple projects within Saudi Arabia, a new experience for me! As we work closely with a variety of industries including events, exhibitions, retail, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and universities, I have learnt how to tailor different solutions to best suit our clients and their needs. Through these experiences, I have been able to develop a wide range of skills and have learnt the importance of approaching each new project with a fresh mindset.

How long have you worked at Lowe?

I was hired during the Pandemic which, as I am sure you can imagine, was an interesting time to start. It has been a surreal but rewarding 18 months. 

What are some of the events you have worked on?

Despite the Pandemic I have been able to work on some truly great projects, from the DP World Tour Championship Dubai and Indian Premiere League to the 2021 EUFA Euro Championships and Dubai Shopping Festival.  While in Saudi Arabia a key highlight was the Extreme E event in Al Ula, beautiful landscapes, and electric racing – what a combination.

What is your favourite event you have worked on?

One of my favourite events was the Dubai Shopping Festival, it maybe stands out the most to me as it was the first event to run after the borders reopened in January 2020. It is one of the most unique events I have ever been to, let alone worked on! I was incredibly proud to deliver our premium equipment and first-class service to this major event in Dubai, supplying catering equipment to foods hubs & kiosks throughout the event. Our client was so blown away with our service that we were offered a free ticket at the concert as a way of saying thank you.  Giving me the opportunity to see one of my favourite singers, Anne-Marie. Talk about work perks ha-ha!  

Have you and your team ever encountered unexpected challenges?

Last summer Lowe had the privilege of supplying our refrigeration as part of the Abu Dhabi Summer Campaign. The festival was dedicated to dining experiences organised by the Department of Culture and Tourism and set a new Guinness World Record for the largest variety of ice cream flavours with over 1001 flavoured ice-creams – wow!

Lowe delivered the units 2 days before the event to make sure everything was ready on time. However, the night before the production was due to start the client wanted to remove and replace all side glasses in the display units for a different look and feel.  We worked through the night to make sure we could make this happen and the units were delivered and ready on-site before the show began, travelling from Abu Dhabi at 3am!  Our client was thrilled that we were able to accommodate this last-minute change and the event was published in the media as a major success for the region. A huge Lowe team effort, that everyone could be truly proud of.

What do you think makes the Lowe event offering stand out?

I think one of the main stand-out characteristics of the Lowe event offering is that we really do go above and beyond. I know it is cheesy and everyone says it, but we are actively encouraged to think about how we can offer extremely extraordinary services that don’t just meet client needs but surpass them. 

An underrated aspect of event organisation is transparency. Lowe are always open about our capabilities and we will not commit to an offering we cannot deliver.  I think this is a key reason clients keep coming back to us, they can not only trust our expertise but have proven assurance that we will deliver exactly what they expect, when they expect it – the only surprise is just how far we continually surpass their expectations.

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