Meet The Team: Exhibition Coordinator, USA- Victoria Abney

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20 September 2022
Meet The Team: Exhibition Coordinator, USA- Victoria Abney

Meet the Team- Victoria Abney

Lead Exhibition Coordinator, USA


Describe your experience to date at Lowe in one word?


What is the best part about your job?

I think for me it is 100% the people I get to work with here at Lowe, we really do have a great team of people who are always trying to do their best. It helps that the customers are always a pleasure to work with as well.

How long have you worked at Lowe?

I have been working at Lowe just over 4 years, though it honestly has flown by.

What are some of the exhibitions you have worked on?

The US has an incredible exhibition industry and I have been lucky enough to get to work on some of the largest shows in the country including all the Fancy Food Shows, SENA, IDDBA, NACS, and NRA.

What is your favourite exhibition you have worked on?

I think NACS was one of my favourite exhibitions, it moves around every year, so I was very fortunate to be able to attend it when I did.

NACS stands for National Association of Convenience Stores. It is a bit different from our other shows as the other shows are mainly food related shows where this show is very large and has a variety of different exhibitors. They set up different decoy gas pumps at booths for customers to view. Bang and Monster energy drinks set up extremely large booths with a second story or even on stages, so it really is quite incredible to see and was a lot of fun to attend.

Have you and your team ever encountered unexpected challenges?

Yes, when COVID hit it was huge setback for the exhibition industry, shows were practically non-existent at the time due to restrictions.  I ended up moving across several different departments within Lowe and working in lots of other areas of the company. While I missed exhibitions, it was actually a great experience to learn more about Lowe and see how other departments operate and the roles and responsibilities of my colleagues.

What do you think makes the Lowe event offering stand out?

I think Lowe’s expo service stands out because we are the only company that offers this kind of business at such a large scale in the US.