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Top 5 Benefits of Exhibiting Your Business at a Trade Show

07th August '18

As businesses continue to spend more and more on online advertising, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. While the internet has widened the opportunities for brands to be seen, it has also, conversely, limited exposure through oversaturation.

Despite our highly digitized world however, customers are increasingly seeking tangibility. Just think of how the sales of vinyl records have grown in the past few years despite the instant accessibility of iTunes and Spotify.

Tangibility and really experiencing a brand or product will always be important to customers. A trade show, the huge meeting point of brand representatives, brand colours, brand literature and product samples, offers tangibility in its most heightened form.

With over 40 years’ experience in the exhibitions market, Lowe sales staff have seen first-hand how successful a trade show presence can be for businesses. In fact, we’ve found 5 benefits of exhibiting your business at a trade show –

  1. Your brand in front of a relevant audience

Trade shows bring together concentrated market niches into one meeting point. Often these niches are condensed down even further with zones and halls for particular product categories.

This niche market attracts a niche audience which means your product will be showcased to a highly relevant audience – something that the internet alone cannot necessarily achieve.

  1. Networking opportunities

Be prepared to talk about your product and business with the attendees at the trade show. Attendees have made the effort to go and see products and businesses, so they’re already interested on some level and likely ready to talk. Make it worth their while (and yours) by networking and picking up some business cards – you never know where it may lead.

  1. Gain industry knowledge

Many trade shows hold talks and workshops with industry experts. These can be rewarding and insightful add-ons to the trade show experience. Additionally, simply seeing what other businesses are doing and networking with the staff can be rewarding in itself.

  1. Learn more about your target market

To really make the most out of your trade show experience you need to get talking to the people who visit your stand. Trade shows are as much an opportunity to learn about your target market as they are for attendees to learn about your brand and products. Ask the right questions, speak confidently about your brand, treat it as a two-way street and you’ll leave the exhibition armed with insights as well as new contacts and sales leads.

  1. Generate quality leads

With targeted and interested attendees comprised often of key decision-makers, many attendees are ready to talk business there and then if they find the right product or service.

Trade shows, when done the right way by exhibiting businesses, can accelerate lead generation and this can really make the trade show investment worthwhile, year after year.

Does your business have an upcoming exhibition? Contact our experts today to find out how Lowe can enhance your exhibition experience with high quality display refrigeration, catering equipment and cold storage solutions.

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