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5 Ways Display Refrigeration Enhances Your Product

11th July '18

Refrigeration may be a necessity for many products at exhibitions but that doesn’t mean stand display capabilities are diminished.

While fulfilling the functional requirement of keeping products chilled to optimum temperatures, display refrigeration is also a means by which your product offering can be elevated and generate impact at even the busiest exhibitions.

Our European sales teams attend multiple exhibitions each year where they visit customer stands and assist with set up and queries. As a result, they’ve seen many refrigerated product displays and developed an eye for how display refrigeration space can be utilized effectively.

We picked up some insights from them on how the display features of refrigerated equipment can enhance your product offering:

  1. Curved display glass for a more ‘panoramic’ display

Curved glass serve over display units are a sleek addition to any stand. Internal illumination lends optimum lighting to elevate your product offering whilst the curve glass design ensures a commanding stand display.

With a range of different sizes available, including a corner unit, curved glass serve over refrigeration suits a range of product displays large, medium and small.

  1. Open top for greater tangibility

Sometimes a glass front won’t suit how you envision your stand. Open top refrigeration units offer greater tangibility for the product offering and create a more immersive market stall-esque experience at your stand. Additionally, open top display eliminates any ceiling lighting that may create a glare on glass.

  1. Rotating shelves for a multiple angle view

A six-sided rotating refrigeration display allows you to show off your product offering from multiple angles on up to six shelves. This display option adds greater definition, detail and tangibility to your product. The slow rotation lends a degree of elegance which is accentuated through the illuminated display functionality and sleek aluminum finish.

  1. An LED centrepiece for high impact

From the Perspex dome to the multiple colour LED lighting options, an LED centerpiece refrigeration unit brings an element of theatricality to your stand. Electronic lifting operations for the dome top transform this unit from a contained display to one that showcases your products with greater distinction.

  1. A wood finish centerpiece for suggestions of culinary excellence

Wood and refrigeration don’t often come hand in hand however this fusion of classicism and refrigeration technology makes for an eye-catching centerpiece unit. The rustic wood finish calls to mind associations of fine dining that quietly but firmly elevates your product offering through its understated grandeur. Transform the display from contained to open through electronically operated dome lifting functionality.

Not sure what refrigeration unit is right for your product offering? Get in contact with our sales team who are happy to advise and show you even more options to make your next exhibition your best yet.

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