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Industry News: Call for Government Assistance for Small Retailers Making the Low-GWP Switch

20th July '18

As governmental changes in standards for the refrigeration industry rapidly approach, attention has turned to the question of how small retailers can make the low-GWP switch.

According to RAC, Emerson “has called for greater government support to allow smaller retailers to consider higher value, lower GWP products.” This would pose a possible solution for smaller retailers who may be ill-equipped to make the change independently.

Emerson and Com-Res conducted a survey and the finding indicated that just 40% of participating SMEs knew about quota cuts introduced back in January. This contrasts with the 60% of large retailers.

In the survey 44% of food retailers indicated that cost is a concern when it comes to refrigeration and 39% indicated safety is an important consideration.

The largest cut to F-Gas quotas came into effect this year and more reductions are expected to come into effect within 3 years. This has made it imperative to switch to low-GWP refrigeration units.

Emerson made reference to findings from the Association of Convenience Stores which showed that refrigeration is an ongoing and growing area of investment made by stores.

ACS have noted that “Convenience stores have invested heavily in refrigeration over the last few years as food to go and chilled good become more popular in small format retail. It’s important that retailers ensure that future investments are made with upcoming regulations in mind, so that any new equipment is compliant.”

Eric Winnandy director of integrated solutions for Emerson in commercial and residential operations has outlined that “…very few SME retailers have explored natural refrigerants like propane, which can reduce emissions and operational cost. There needs to be more education and support to help retailers select a clean and cost-effective refrigeration system that will serve the business best in the long term.”

Source: RAC

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