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Meet The Team: External Operations Manager- Jamie Beatty

08th November '21


Meet our External Operations Manager- Jamie Beatty

Here at Lowe, we pride ourselves on the knowledge and experience we have acquired over the past 40 years. We would not be able to work with the world's biggest events without our experienced, on-site maintenance teams and dedicated project managers.

We spoke with one of Lowe’s External Operations Managers, Jamie Beatty, to offer you a behind the scenes glimpse into how we work.  


How long have you worked at Lowe?

I joined Lowe in May 2012 as an Assistant Stock Controller, which gave me a great understanding of the logistical inner workings of Lowe.  As I worked my way up, I gained more experience in the field of events and project management before progressing to External Operations Manager in January 2020.  So just over 9 and a half years!


What are some of the events you have worked on?

I have been honoured to work on all sorts of events, across the globe.  In the UK alone events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Wimbledon, Henley Regatta and Cheltenham Festival spring to mind. 

While further afield, I have been fortunate to work in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and the USA for some of the largest food and beverage exhibitions in the industry, such as Gulfood and Boston Seafood.


What is your favourite event you have worked on?

I have quite a lot to choose from to be honest, but I think Goodwood Festival of Speed is a key highlight for me as it is such a notorious event in the motorsport industry. Working in Dubai was also close second as it was great to work on something at the scale of the Gulfood exhibition. 


Have you and your team ever encountered unexpected challenges?

 The unpredictable nature of events is where Lowe’s experience really does come into its own.  There will always be unexpected challenges that arise outside of our control, what is important is how we handle them.

In Dubai 2019, Lowe’s shipping containers where delayed due to bad weather, arriving on a Friday night before the exhibition was due to begin on Sunday.  When my team received the equipment, we knew our only option was to work through the night and that is exactly what we did.  I can honestly say I have never been prouder of my team; it was a fantastic group effort to ensure once again – Lowe delivered.


What would you say are the most common requests you receive when supplying an event?

Due to the last-minute nature of events, it is very common for us to receive last minute delivery requests or extra orders and at Lowe we endeavour to prioritise meeting these needs wherever possible.

We are also often asked to supply equipment to events where access is difficult or uneven terrain may make traditional equipment setup difficult.  At Lowe our events experience coupled with innovative equipment solutions allows us to overcome these traditional barriers. For example, our modular cold room solutions are perfect for uneven ground.  We can simply build a level surface and construct the cold rooms directly on top, ensuring our customers can use the space they have to its maximum potential.  Lowe is about adapting to situations, rather than just making do.


What do you think makes the Lowe event offering stand out?

Customer service. It is an incredibly important part of Lowe and is what ensures that we get asked back again and again by some of the biggest event’s year on year. I am proud to say our Wimbledon contact has highlighted we are unrivalled for the on-site service we provide. 

Lowe also offers a multi-national, multi-lingual team. We have a lot of customers from all over the world and our team makes communication easy. Just our on-site team alone speak a range of languages, such as English, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Russian. 


If you have event coming up and would like to find our more, contact the experts today for an equipment rental quote

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