Exhibiting on an international scale

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16 January 2018
Exhibiting on an international scale

We are at the beginning of a new year; the eventing calendar is in place and the stands have been booked. Now we need an engaging display that will leave a lasting impression of our business and our products, with each and every lead.

Exhibiting can be the most important time in our business calendars. Developing a plan to fill up our pipelines, help us towards our targets and with any luck finish on a bigger number than last year. Like any opportunity to hit our goals, be it in business or our personal lives, there are always hurdles.

Companies go to great lengths to achieve the best possible environment for engaging the lead by hosting meeting after meeting, discussing booth layouts, furniture, experiential strategies, brand touch points, product displays, storage space, the list goes on.

A lot of the success or failure of these plans hinges on the selection of good partners and suppliers who can creatively yet effectively understand our needs first time. After all, you spend months of planning and a healthy chunk of your budget attempting to generate a year’s worth of pipeline business. Exhibitions last 3.5 days on average, that leaves no margin for error.

Select the right partners, maximise your lead engagement and hit those targets.

At Lowe, we don’t just understand these pressures, we live them ourselves. Lowe are the world’s leading refrigeration and catering rental partner and have been operating with the largest exhibitions, as official suppliers, for over 40 years. There isn’t much the team at Lowe haven’t covered throughout the years and at the last count the team have amassed over 600 years’ worth of combined experience. We don’t disappoint.

Trusted. Experienced. We are Lowe.