Industry News: Record High for Global Carbon Emissions Last Year

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1 June 2018
Industry News: Record High for Global Carbon Emissions Last Year

According to Energy Live News and the International Energy Agency, carbon emissions increased last year for the first time since 2014.

This is thought to be due to a 2.1% rise in global energy demand in 2017. Indeed, Energy Live News commented that growth in energy demand came about “…due to strong economic growth, with oil, gas and coal meeting 70% of the growth and renewables accounting for almost all of the rest.”

However, this demand was paired with a slow down in energy efficiency contributing to a 1.4% rise in energy-related carbon emissions in 2017, a statistic which has not increased in three years.

Dr Faith Birol, Executive Director for IEA outlined that:

“The significant growth in global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in 2017 tells us that current efforts to combat climate change are far from sufficient. For example, there has been a dramatic slowdown in the rate of improvement in global energy efficiency as policymakers have put less focus in this area.”

With impending overhauls in regulation for energy efficiency in the refrigeration industry, the onus has never been so heavy on retailers to take the initiative and update their equipment.

Equally, there has never been a more opportune time to update your refrigeration equipment to more energy efficient integral models because as noted in a previous post, this switch has three-fold benefits that start with lower GWP and lower carbon emissions.

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Source: Energy Live News