Industry-Wide Training Needed for Low-GWP Refrigerants

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12 June 2018
Industry-Wide Training Needed for Low-GWP Refrigerants

According to RAC, industry-wide training will be beneficial and perhaps even mandatory for low-GWP refrigerants being rolled out due to upcoming changes in industry regulations.

This call for training comes about due to low-GWP refrigerants being mildly flammable. This news came about through RAC’s discussion on the future for refrigerants.

RAC note that:

“…the message that the new refrigerants ‘are here to stay’ needs to be driven more forcefully and urgently down to the ‘high street’ convenience stores, the contractors that service them and their employers.”

As 2020 inches ever closer the need to prepare for and upgrade to energy efficient, low-GWP refrigeration units becomes ever more imperative. In fact, as RAC point out –

“Refrigerant groups are now lobbying the government in a bid to make training on flammables mandatory for all F-Gas engineers.”

However, RAC went on to outline that: “The trainers stressed that dealing with flammables was an issue that was not to be feared, but required a distinct approach.”

Developing and progressing alongside the industry as it moves into a new era of energy-efficiency is a priority for Lowe – 2020 regulation changes are just around the corner. Lowe are committed to continual operational improvement in the industry. The company’s recent ISO achievement is testament to this.

Source: RAC