Asset Management

Asset Management

Lowe optimizes grocery retail through comprehensive asset management solutions.

Revolutionizing Asset Management

With Lowe's holistic approach to RaaS we are the experts for all your asset needs.

Lifecycle Management

We monitor grocery store refrigeration assets to optimize performance and identify potential issues based on their consumption and maintenance history.

Small Capital Projects

Our seasoned professionals excel in meticulously planning and implementing small capital projects, harnessing our comprehensive knowledge of refrigeration systems, lifecycle optimization, and asset management to deliver superior results.

Maintenance and Quality Control

We assist stores in determining when to repair versus replace refrigerated cases. By renting with Lowe, stores can seamlessly replace assets without missing a sale and eradicate maintenance call-outs.

Asset Availibility and Scheduling

The team showcases an adept ability to evaluate asset availability and orchestrate precise scheduling to ensure seamless operations. Their proactive approach and innovative tools ensure that assets are deployed effectively, maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction


Chillin' Responsibly: What Grocery Stores Should Know About the Upcoming EPA Regulations on Refrigerants

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Store Remodel

The Result of Overnight Only Work

A store's expansion to improve its grab-and-go options, involving relocation and modification of departments, led to operational challenges, potential sales losses due to unavailable products, and safety concerns from unfinished projects.

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Customer Success Story


Innovative Remodeling

Walmart successfully remodeled a Supercenter to enhance its online pickup area and ensured uninterrupted grocery services using G8C's temporary refrigeration units, showcasing their commitment to customer experience and operational efficiency.

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What's Included with a Rental?

Refrigeration Design Consultation

Refrigeration Design Consultation

Regardless of the project's size, type, or budget, each client receives the same level of high-quality service and access to skilled professionals.

Dedicated Project Manager

Dedicated Project Manager

Expert service which offers equipment expertise from equipment sourcing to exact specification right through to delivery and installation, you will have a project manager overseeing the ongoing success of your project.

Delivery and Logistics

Delivery and Logistics

Comprehensive store delivery, planning, and logistics with Lowe Rental's operations team.

'Best in Class' Integral refrigeration

'Best in Class' Integral refrigeration

Display Refrigeration, Display Freezers and Modular Walk-in Cold Rooms.

Installation and Decommission

Installation and Decommission

Fully managed equipment installation and decommission by Lowe Rental's operations team.

Comprehensive Service Level Agreements

Comprehensive Service Level Agreements

Contracted SLAs ensure we keep you up and running. 

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