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Can we rent kitchen space or a test kitchen?

No - Lowe offers modular structures that we are able to build in your location (remote or otherwise) to your exact specifications. We currently don't have any kitchens of our own.

No - Our kitchens are modular units which are delivered to your site and used to provide temporary catering facilities during events or refurbishments. They are not static location used for dark or cloud kitchens.

Yes - Our modular units have been used on the back of trucks, we have have been a supplier to the Dakar Rally 2023. Our kitchens can be mobile but ideally we place then at your locations and can move them if required. They are ideal in hard to reach and remote locations such as as desert campsites, oil & gas locations and construction camps.

No - While we have installed for some private clients, our kitchens are designed for professional applications such as Event Kitchens, Dark Kitchens, Cloud Kitchens, Bulk Feeding and many other applications. We specialise in construction and temporary solutions for kitchen refurbishment for restaurants, hotels, schools & universities.

We will work with you to supply equipment that matches your requirements. We have a large fleet of rental equipment that is used in our temporary kitchens. Our expert team will work with you to provide a design, based on the menu and number of people that you are catering for.

Yes - We offer multiple solutions for longer term rental and purchase. Please let us know your requirements.

You can rent our kitchens from one day to multiple years.

Yes - All our Hire / Rental plans come with a variety of options. We are there to support from the installation to the removal.

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