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Cold Rooms

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Walk In Modular Cold Rooms

Modular walk in cold rooms and walk in freezers provide the perfect cold storage solution even in the most challenging environments. Lowe’s extensive logistical program ensures successful delivery and installation, each and every time. As part of our market leading service, we offer outright purchase along with cold room rental.

Features at a Glance

  • Running temperature: -2…+50˚F *This is the standard temperature range of an 8ftx8ft cold room. Larger cold rooms with additional condensing units can reach lower temperatures in freezer mode.
  • Dual temperature setting (chiller or freezer)
  • Modular system available in variable sizes
  • Digital temperature panel
  • Emergency door release
  • Self-extinguishing panels in the event of fire

Modular Cold Room Dimensions, Functions & Optional Extras

Modular Cold Room Layout Specsheet


Speak With Lowe Today: +1844 655 1320

Distribution US Wide

Lowe have long term logistical experience and a nationwide network, providing the capacity to deliver across the US.  With 3 locations and warehouses situated in Atlanta, Las Vegas and Texas, Lowe are strategically placed to cover all of the US and ideally positioned to dispatch and deliver your equipment as and when required.

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Ready Built Walk-In Cold Rooms

Ready built walk-in coolers and freezers are a cost-efficient option which are built off-site and delivered ready for use.  Commonly used for retail remodels and refurbishments, they are a convenient cold storage solution.

Features at a Glance

  • Running temperature: -2…+50˚F
  • Steel chassis on base
  • Silver interior
  • Dual temperature setting (chiller or freezer)
  • Digital temperature panel
  • Emergency door release
  • Self-extinguishing panels in the event of fire
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Ready Built Walk-In Cold Room Dimensions & Functions

Ready Built Cold Room Layout Specsheet

Speak With Lowe Today: +1844 655 1320

Installation and Delivery

Important things to note:

  • Lowe require a flat surface to build your cold room upon
  • To ensure good ventilation, 3ft of additional space must be given
  • Any access restrictions/lifts/ stairs must be outlined in advance. Lowe may require a site survey to ensure the cold room(s) can be built where needed. This site survey will incur an additional cost
  • 2.5kw power per 8ft cold room needs to be supplied
  • 30 amp commando sockets need to be supplied
  • Cold room must be destocked prior to collection

Cold Room Case Studies

Boy Scouts World Jamboree

Lowe Rental supplied a tailored equipment solution on a large scale for the Scouts, providing essential cold storage rooms to service 4,000 campers across 11,000 acres for 30 days. Providing practical refrigerated storage for dining halls and offering a creative solution to create mock grocery store settings for campers to purchase staples to prepare their own meals.


Major Sports Events

Lowe Rental were able to accommodate the needs of a major golf tournament in the US with a full array of cold room solutions, from basic cold storage to front of house merchandising. Due to course conditions this involved complicated logistics where Lowe’s cold room was the only viable solution.


Large Exhibitions

Lowe Rental delivered over 100 walk-in coolers and freezers for exhibitor use to one of the world’s largest seafood exhibitions held annually in the US. Providing essential cold storage for exhibitors throughout the exhibition.

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How To Order Your Cold Room

Ordering a modular cold room is easy, our staff are available via phone or email to assist you with your requirements. When contacting about cold room hire we will need to know the size of cold room required, your chiller/freezer requirements, the quantity needed and all delivery details including times, locations and access.

Click below to contact us directly where we can assist you with your cold room solution.


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