Extreme E, AIUIa

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11 July 2019
Extreme E, AIUIa

Extreme E, AlUla

Lowe supported Extreme E in historical and beautiful AlUla, the world's largest continuous sand desert. 

Extreme E is a unique motorsport event that aims to raise awareness of the environmental consequences of desertification by using all-electric SUVs across five remote territories. Racing locations are selected to raise awareness of climate change. Event organisers work with both local and international experts  to restore and maintain our planets valuable and irreplaceable ecosystems. Moreover, the ground-breaking series also serves to promote gender equality in motorsports as it mandates that all teams consist of both female and male drivers who share equal driving responsibilities in each X-Prix.

Led by our KSA based Head of Business, Timothy Hocks, Lowe Rental are very proud to have worked at the event. 

“It was a pure pleasure to be part of this amazing event, held in one of the most stunning locations. The race was incredible to watch and the organisation in such an extreme place is second to none.”- Timothy Hocks, Head of Business, KSA 

Lowe provided high-quality refrigeration & catering equipment, as well as professional-grade temporary kitchens, to ensure caterers were able to service the drivers and their teams efficiently for the duration of the event.  The team remained on-site throughout the event to service any maintenance requirements, guaranteeing swift breakdown and uplift at the end of the event.

As this series continues to pave the way for the future of motorsports, Team Lowe are proud to play our part in this revolutionary event. 

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