Industry News: Profitable Benefits of Propane Integrals

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20 May 2019
Industry News: Profitable Benefits of Propane Integrals

Research conducted by Emerson has found that the use of propane integral refrigeration units as opposed to remote CO2 systems could save retailers 50,000 throughout a 10 year period.

According to Emerson, these savings come as a result of reduced maintenance and energy costs.

Director of integrated solutions at Emerson, Eric Winnandy, pinpointed international agreements such as the Kigali amendment and the EU’s F-Gas regulation as a driving factor behind this shift in the industry. Such agreements mean a more proactive approach to environmental considerations on the part of operators.

However, positive environmental factors form just one part of the benefits associated with choice of refrigeration as Winnandy outlines –

“As the retail sector makes this once in a generation transition, it is presented with a major challenge – but also an opportunity – to select the right the right technologies that can maximize long-term environmental, operational and cost benefits.”

Lowe has established long-term relationships with manufacturers on a global basis. This has led to the cultivation of a comprehensive global network that consistently strives to be at the forefront of the latest industry trends.

With a fleet comprised of exclusively integral units, Lowe’s refrigeration equipment boasts -

  1. A low-GWP and even two approvals from the ETPL (Energy Technology Product List)
  2. Contemporary, cutting-edge equipment
  3. Reduced running costs

Renting with Lowe ensures that your business is compliant with impending changes in industry standards ahead of time, but also that it reaps the three-fold benefits achievable because of these changes.

Interested in how Lowe’s fleet of refrigeration can benefit your business? Get in touch with one of the Lowe experts today.

Source: RAC Plus