Lowe Rental: The Beat Behind the Scenes at Soul DXB, Dubai's Premier Street-Culture Festival

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9 June 2020
Lowe Rental: The Beat Behind the Scenes at Soul DXB, Dubai's Premier Street-Culture Festival

Soul DXB, Dubai's trendsetting lifestyle and street-culture festival, is a melting pot of live performances, DJ sets, sports tournaments, talks, and workshops. Held in the vibrant Dubai Design District, it's a celebration of urban culture and creativity. Behind the scenes, Lowe Rental played a pivotal role by meticulously selecting equipment, managing logistics, overseeing installation, and providing ongoing maintenance during the event, ensuring that the hospitality experience at this high-profile event reached the highest standards.

The Challenge:
Soul DXB is not just a festival; it's a showcase of urban lifestyle and creativity at its finest. To cater to the diverse needs of this dynamic event, Lowe Rental needed to curate an exceptional selection of equipment and ensure its seamless operation throughout the festival. The hospitality requirements for such a high-standard event demanded precision and dedication.

The Lowe Rental Solution:
Lowe Rental embraced the challenge with expertise and dedication. They meticulously selected the equipment needed for Soul DXB, and their logistics team ensured that everything was in its place. From installation to ongoing maintenance, Lowe Rental's commitment to excellence shone through, guaranteeing a top-tier hospitality experience for festivalgoers.

Soul DXB's Success:
Soul DXB's reputation as the region's coolest lifestyle and street-culture festival was further solidified by Lowe Rental's support. Their equipment and services ensured that all hospitality needs were met to perfection, from maintaining the freshness of culinary ingredients to providing top-quality service equipment. Soul DXB attendees enjoyed a seamless and unforgettable experience, thanks to Lowe Rental's precision and expertise.

Soul DXB is more than a festival; it's a celebration of creativity and culture. Lowe Rental's dedication to delivering excellence behind the scenes added to the festival's allure. As a trusted partner in events that celebrate creativity and innovation, Lowe Rental continues to set the beat for success at Dubai's premier street-culture festival.