Branded Refrigeration for Multi-Sites

Branded Refrigeration for Multi-Sites

Boost Your Brand and Sales with Rental or Secondary Placements Point-of-Sale

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Branded Commercial Refrigeration Experts

We stand at the forefront of the UAE market when it comes to branded refrigeration units for companies in the food and beverage industry. We specialise in branded refrigeration for multi-site secondary placements that effectively showcase brands. With our expertise, we ensure that your refrigeration units are presented in the most impactful way possible, aligning with your brand image for maximum effect.

Ice Cream Brands

Ice Cream Brands

Meal Kit Brands

Meal Kit Brands

Drinks     Brands

Drinks Brands

Customer Success Story

Little Moons - Gourmet Mochi Brand

3 Year Rental Display Freezers

Little Moons needed help finding and placing a display freezer solution for their rapid expansion across Europe.

Customer Success Story

Allplants - UK Meal Kit Provider

1 Year Rental Display Freezers

Allplants required single and double door upright freezers and glass top chest freezers, promotional wrapped with branding to support their retail partnership. 

Customer Success Story

PRIME - Global Energy Drink Manufacturer

Branded drinks chillers

Congo Brands required single door drinks chillers with promotional branding to support their rapid roll-out of the Prime Hydration drinks in the UK market.

Boost Your Brand and Sales with Secondary Placements Point-of-Sale

Increased Visibility

Increased Visibility

Gain additional brand exposure and build awareness of new additions to the brand by increasing visibility within the retail environment.

Improved Sales

Improved Sales

Attract new customers with eye-catching branded displays and increase sales up to 30%.

Increase Surplus Buys

Increase Surplus Buys

Strategic placement in stores enables brands to visually capture the attention of customers who may not be actively looking for their products.

Personalised Promotional Imagery

Personalised Promotional Imagery

Lowe Rental can create promotional materials featuring branded chillers and freezers, which can help your business secure retailer contracts.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive advantage by increasing brand placement.

Cost  Effective Marketing

Cost Effective Marketing

A cost-effective way for brands to market their products, leveraging retailer marketing efforts and existing infrastructure.

Commercial Refrigeration Solutions for Multisite Secondary Placements

Working with 100+ manufacturers, Lowe Rental source the following equipment for short-term rental and Rental+ plans:


What’s included in a Rental+ Plan?

Flexible 1 - 7 year equipment plans with lots of extras.

No Capex

New equipment with each plan. All sourced, delivered & installed as part of your plan.

Expertly Sourced Equipment, Matched to Your Operation

Refrigeration, cold rooms & catering equipment – we have you covered.

No Maintenance Bills for Equipment Failures - Ever

No maintenance bills for equipment failures - ever. We don't do hidden charges.

Flexible Plan Durations & Payment Structures

1 - 7 year plans with payment frequencies that work for you.

Contracted SLAs

We will be accountable for minimising your downtime. Your plan will include SLAs to ensure we keep you running.

Access To Refrigeration Design Consultants

Complex equipment requirements? No problem. With Rental + you can get access to leading refrigeration design & installation consultants.

Unique SMART Enabled Equipment

Patented IoT technology that provides insights around food safety, asset performance, energy consumption & much more.

Rental Provides Added Benefits when Reporting EBITDA Levels

Our teams can support with information around the application of IFRS16.

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